Thanks to everyone for helping us reach the milestone of 20 years of business,
we're looking forward to serving our customers for another 20 years!
Capital Colour are true professionals who go above and beyond to ensure the quality of their product, and customer service to their clients. Our event would not have been the same without their support.
Kacey G.
  • This is a true art form! - - 137 days ago
  • - 181 days ago
  • Watching Ink Being Made Is One Of The Most Satisfying Things We've Ever Seen - 228 days ago
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    The composition of the blacks in your design shouldn’t always be the same. Fill solid areas with a rich black that consists of 40% Cyan 40% Magenta 40% Yellow 100% Black. By doing so the blacks become more solid and noticeably darker than just straight black.