FSC® Certification

Capital Colour Graphics recognizes that the environment is precious. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to find ways to maintain a thriving environment and improve the way we do business. In response to the needs of our customers and our own desire to take an active role in protecting our planet, Capital Colour Graphics is proud to be an FSC certified Chain of Custody company. 

What is FSC Certification? 

FSC’s model of certification allows products that flow from certified forests to enter the marketplace with a credential that is unique. Any FSC labeled product can be traced back to a certified source. This aspect of the system is the basis for any credible certification system and is the link between consumer preference and responsible forest management. Fore more information, consult the FSC website: www.fsccanada.org

What is Chain of Custody Certification? 

Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification assures consumers and forest products companies that the wood they buy comes from certified forests. CoC certification certifies the flow of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified products through the supply chain, from the forest to the point of sale. CoC certification is available for sawmills, secondary manufacturers, broker/distributors, wholesalers, retailers, printers, paper merchants and other points in the forest products supply chain.

Why Buy Certified Products? 

Third-party certification by Rainforest Alliance provides independent assurance to consumers that the products they are purchasing meet the standards of the FSC. Products bearing FSC labels and Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal come from forest lands managed to conserve biodiversity and support local communities.